Are Your Business Results A Reflection Of Your Global Leadership Potential?

December 30, 2009 — Leave a comment

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The Global Boardroom

The Global Boardroom

“Exceptional global business growth and performance are accessible through a commitment to globally relevant leadership, hard work, integrity, and the unwavering belief that everyone, from every culture, has unlimited potential and significant value to add.”

~ Sheri Mackey, Founder Luminosity Global Consulting Group

Hello and welcome to the new Leadership Across Boundaries & Borders blog.  Here, you will find ongoing information, insights, and observations on what exceptional leadership looks like when working across geographic or cultural boundaries and borders.  If you are at all interested in international business best practices, global leadership, and how working across cultures affects business results, you will want to follow closely…

My name is Sheri Mackey and I have spent the past 28+ years living, studying, traveling and working throughout the world. I have a true passion for global business and the potential that leveraging cultural orientations has for garnering exceptional global business results. It is a truly remarkable phenomenon to see what maximizing human capital really means, in a global sense – to experience the challenge of identifying, learning, and fully understanding the different lenses individuals and groups view the world through and partnering with them to combine and leverage both orientations.

You will find me a little different than most Executive Coaches: While I have spent the past 20+ years running global organizations, and thus have the extensive business background that is required for the profession, I have also made a study of working across many cultures and geographies, observing the difficulties that many global executives face on a daily basis in an ever-changing, real world – indeed, many of those challenges I have faced and overcome myself. In addition, I also have an educational background in Organizational Psychology and International Management, with a BSc from the University of Maryland and an MBA from The University of Cambridge respectively – combining a business background, with global experience, and a deep understanding of organizations and people derived from my psychology background. Our company, Luminosity Global,  was initiated because there are few executive coaching firms in the marketplace dedicated to assisting the global executive achieve success in multi-cultural, multi-geographical environments. Today, I have a thriving company that provides Executive Coaching and Facilitation Services focused on helping global executives to achieve exceptional business results through successful leadership that has a deep focus in both behavioral and cultural orientations. This blog has personal meaning for me  – it is an opportunity to reach many global executives and perhaps lend some insight and/or assistance in some small way.

As we begin this journey together, I would appreciate any feedback, opinions, suggestions, or ideas you may have on content posted or content you would like to explore. My sincere hope is that you will find value-add information on Leadership Across Boundaries & Borders and have the ability to carry it into your everyday life. This is a unique opportunity to share and learn with and from those in the global boardroom and I look forward to accelerating your opportunities with you.  After all – it is all about unleashing your potential as a global executive! So, Are Your Business Results A Reflection Of Your Global Leadership Potential?

Please do not hesitate to contact me at or visit our website at Check back each Thursday for a new post on Leadership Across Boundaries & Borders.


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Sheri is The Global Coach, founder of Luminosity Global Consulting Group, Global Executive Coach, Speaker, Writer and Global Business and Cultural Expert.

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