All successful people men and women are big dreamers.

They imagine what their future could be, ideal in every respect,

and then they work every day toward their distant vision, that goal or purpose.

– Brian Tracy

Personal goal setting is the single most important thing you can do to ensure you reach your potential – as a leader and as a person. You need well-defined targets that give you direction and motivation – they are your road map to success, your life’s plan, and your personal guide to the future. Think about it, without setting both personal and professional goals you are following a road with no destination.

In reality, would you set out for an unfamiliar destination with no real idea of how to get there? Probably not! Despite this fact, statistics show that while most leaders have substantial goals in place for their organizations, very few actually have goals in place for their lives.

If you’re one of the 95% of people on this planet who don’t know what their personal goals are (or life’s ambition is) – and as a result still have no idea where your final destination will be – then you should consider creating explicit goals that will drive you to achieve everything you want in life. Goal setting is just a process, but it is a very important and personal process that helps you get what you really want out of life. Many people never take the time to think about what they ultimately want from life… or next week, for that matter. Others dream about where they want to go,
but never develop  a map to guide them as to how to get there in an effective, efficient way. Odds are, you fall into one of these two categories…

Throughout history, there is a clear link between people that set goals and people that succeed. This is because personal goals provide a way to define a clear path toward a chosen destination.  The old saying that,” people who succeed have goals and people who have goals succeed” is absolutely relevant and true in every society around the world. Establishing personal goals will significantly increase your chance of life happening the way you want it to happen.

By establishing personal and professional goals, you will:

For the next several weeks, we will discuss personal goal setting and how to make these goals work for you in achieving your short, medium, and long term aspirations for your life.

How do you keep yourself accountable to achieving your life’s goals?

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