Intentionality: Communications, Part One

January 28, 2013 — Leave a comment

Slide1As we consider intentionality and the keys to your success, let’s drill down a bit and think about an aspect of intentionality that often goes unattended – communications. It is impossible to be in business today without the need to communicate with a wide array of stakeholders. The reality is that intentional communications provide you with an invaluable tool to increase productivity and profitability across your organization.

Uncertainty – economic uncertainty, market uncertainty, etc. – can adversely affect the success and growth of your company.  However, there is an even more dangerous type of uncertainty that will negatively impact performance across the organization: the lack of certainty that exists within the company.  The most common cause of that uncertainty is poor communications.

More than ever, people within your organization need to understand the expectations, goals and aspirations of the company. Even more important, they need to understand how their role and their work correlates with those expectations, goals and aspirations. It is increasingly important that you, as a leader, communicate a sense of organization direction that underlies every operational directive. If your staff is not sure where you stand, or where the company is headed, then you can be sure that poor communication will hinder their ability to help move the company forward.

Are you intentional with your communications?

Stay tuned for some key suggestions on how to effectively manage communications for a successful outcome. I would love for you to engage the discussion and let us know some tips as to how you intentionally communicate in your business environment. Please feel free to contact me at or by visiting our website at


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