Are You A Leader Or A Laggard? A Conclusion

Over the past several weeks, I have communicated to you what I believe are some of the most challenging aspects of leadership today.  These are the facets of business, that because we do not do them well, we repeatedly see decreased motivation and loyalty, less than competent leaders and, ultimately, poor business results.  I began […]

Global Resources: Unity Gets Things Done

  Someone asked me an interesting question recently – they wanted to know why I communicate on global organizations and how I got my information. They were specifically concerned with the validity of the concept of last weeks blog post. This week, I thought it would be fair to respond in open forum, just in […]

Global Resources: Leadership Legacy

You are a key resource to the organization, and as such, you need to understand that how you allow yourself to be used as a resource directly correlates with the success of your global teams and organization.

Global Resources: The Key To Human Capital

For the next several weeks I will be discussing resource maximization of a specific type – Human Resources – People Potential – and your ability to leverage your dispersed resources across the organization and across the globe for all-encompassing corporate and interpersonal success.