Are You A Leader Or A Laggard? A Conclusion

Over the past several weeks, I have communicated to you what I believe are some of the most challenging aspects of leadership today.  These are the facets of business, that because we do not do them well, we repeatedly see decreased motivation and loyalty, less than competent leaders and, ultimately, poor business results.  I began […]

Even Superman Could Use An All Terrain Vehicle

I think, as business leaders, we often have a Superman complex.  We rarely seek advice because we believe we should be able to do everything, know everything, and be everything to everyone at all times.  I, too, suffer from this illusion more often than not. Despite this, I have found that to truly harness success, we really […]

A Single Source Resource For Leaders?

 This week, I would like to take the opportunity to ask for your help. I always love the lively discussions and insightful questions that emerge from the different leadership challenges we cover, but this week I would especially appreciate your insights and opinions.

Leadership Lessons From Istanbul

Online Pharmacy From Canada. Fast Delivery. 24h Online Support. Best Quality. Absolute An0nymity As those of you who read my posts frequently know, I travel internationally a lot and I truly love experiencing other cultures and different ways of life! This past summer I had the opportunity to return to Turkey to speak at a […]


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Potential: Are YOU Reaching For It?

This post is about you – as an organizational leader. Lifelong learning is a critical component of our personal and professional growth that we often seem to forget as we rise through the ranks. Unfortunately, as most of us become more senior within the organization, there is an undeniable challenge we face – facilitating our […]