The Vine: Dynamic Interdependence

For better or worse… we are all extensions of the networks we have built – or the lack thereof. Those who are devoted to the intensive cultivation of the vine will prosper and grow, while those who do not, well, you can guess the outcome… Ask any senior executive (or successful salesperson) which single skill […]

Winning The War: Three Key Battlefields

  Innovation.   Integration.   Motivation. Three simple words… however, implementation is extremely complex and rarely executed. In today’s challenging environment, leadership has never been more complex.  As leaders, we are the Commanders of our troops and have a responsibility to ensure we are consistently pushing forward to ensure victory. While the obvious route is to cut […]

School of Hard Knocks

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Are You A Leader Or A Laggard? A Conclusion

Over the past several weeks, I have communicated to you what I believe are some of the most challenging aspects of leadership today.  These are the facets of business, that because we do not do them well, we repeatedly see decreased motivation and loyalty, less than competent leaders and, ultimately, poor business results.  I began […]

The Vine: Dynamic Interdependence

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Even Superman Could Use An All Terrain Vehicle

I think, as business leaders, we often have a Superman complex.  We rarely seek advice because we believe we should be able to do everything, know everything, and be everything to everyone at all times.  I, too, suffer from this illusion more often than not. Despite this, I have found that to truly harness success, we really […]