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As my husband, Steve, and I traveled through the Carribean last week on the Re:create cruise, I realized that not only were we on board to hear wise men speak on our ability to be creative (and to enjoy the Carribean in April), but also to meet new people and establish new friendships.

As Steve and I spent time on the cruise with Rob and Kim Bruce and Scott and Idelette McVicker, I was reminded of our dear friends at home and how friendships, both new and old,  enrich and add texture to our lives. Today, I am in Denver speaking at a conference, and guess what? I was able to meet Kim  for lunch and catch up on what has been going on since we returned! The Re:create cruise really brought the importance and value of friendship to the forefront for me.

Often as leaders, we believe we are too busy for friends. We forget how important it is for us to surround ourselves with people we can trust and that care about us unconditionally.  Things have been tough across most industries over the past couple of years, job security for the global executive is often precarious at best, and we are often stretched to our limits at work. When things get really tough, do you have a group of friends you can rely on to commisurate and help pick up the pieces? When times are good, do you have a select group of people you can celebrate and relax with? Pete Wilson  said something very important on the cruise. I am paraphrasing, but he made the point that leaders need “cliques” and that it is a good thing when we are surrounded by people with like interests who genuinely care about our well being. It is one thing to be friendly at work, but it entirely something else to invest yourself in friendships.  If you have them, treasure them.  If you don’t have them, you need to get out there and actively search them out. In both good times and bad, friendships are an essential part of life, and we all need to regard them as such. Leaders, you need true friends in your life.

Leaders, what are you doing to invest in meaningful friendships?

Please engage the discussion and let us know how maintain balance in your life through friendships. Feel free to contact me at or by visiting our website at Check back soon for the next post on Leadership Across Boundaries and Borders.


April 11, 2011 — 7 Comments

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Last week I was at a conference that happened to be on a Caribbean cruise  – what a great experience!  The main purpose of the cruise was to re:create – to realize the creativity each of us has within. There was time built in to actually enjoy the cruise, but more importantly to ponder our own creativity and discover how to continuously re:create ourselves.  There were several very wise speakers – Mike Hyatt, Randy Elrod, Ken Davis, and Pete Wilson – each with their individual area of expertise and focus. They each caused me to stop and think in very different ways, and I really appreciated the opportunity to be reminded that, as a leader, I am creative and need to  continuously broaden my thinking in different ways.

Often people think, as leaders, that we are not creative.  Fortunately, that is a myth. Creativity is problem solving: just as a painter sees a beautiful scene and recognizes it needs to be painted so others can enjoy it, a leader sees unmet needs and brings resolution to those challenges in creative ways. If we were not creative we would not have the capacity to lead effectively – constantly providing guidance and direction to others that may have little in common with us, deriving new policies and processes that will evolve our domain, or creating new business models that will evolutionize our organizations or industries in unforseen ways. You may not paint, take incredible photographs, write songs or beautiful prose – however, if you are out there making a difference in peoples lives and trying to change your world, chances are… (yes, I will say it!) you are creative.  If you are not doing these things, perhaps you should consider the opportunity you have missed – and re:create!

How do you constantly Re:create to impact your world?

Please engage the discussion and let us know how you are creative in your leadership role. Feel free to contact me at  Sheri.Mackey@LuminosityGlobal.comor by visiting our website at Check back soon for the next post on Leadership Across Boundaries and Borders.