Leverage: Power & Responsibility

As we begin to explore and understand how cultural orientations affect our assumptions and perspectives, it is important to understand what a cultural orientation is and how it affects worldviews. Everyone has specific orientations, or ways of perceiving the world around them, primarily derived from our cultural background and the way we were raised.  These […]

How Extreme Is Your Team?

The past couple of weeks I have been doing a considerable amount of thinking around the value of networking. Last week I was in meetings with clients and we spoke extensively about the value of networking to the Extreme Leader and how life in the global economy has changed us. This week I am preparing […]

Winning The War: Three Key Battlefields

  Innovation.   Integration.   Motivation. Three simple words… however, implementation is extremely complex and rarely executed. In today’s challenging environment, leadership has never been more complex.  As leaders, we are the Commanders of our troops and have a responsibility to ensure we are consistently pushing forward to ensure victory. While the obvious route is to cut […]

Are You A Leader Or A Laggard? A Conclusion

Over the past several weeks, I have communicated to you what I believe are some of the most challenging aspects of leadership today.  These are the facets of business, that because we do not do them well, we repeatedly see decreased motivation and loyalty, less than competent leaders and, ultimately, poor business results.  I began […]

At The Root Of It All

Here is an under-recognized, under-utilized truth: PEOPLE make the company, the company does not make the people.  Often leaders are preoccupied with who they are going to hire.  Agreed – hiring is a critically important decision.  Who you hire, as a leader, will ultimately determine your level of success… or will it?  It seems logical […]

Gifts: Taking Time To Reflect

Knowledge and experience are gifts. Have you ever stopped to think about what you have been given and how you can make the best use of it?  We acquire knowledge and experience on a daily basis as we go through life, but I have met very few people (and I have a very large network […]