Save The Drama For Your Momma: The Challenge of Change, Part2

Last week we looked at some common myths surrounding change management that have the potential to derail the change effort. Organizational change often reminds me of the movie Jumanji that involves a supernatural boardgame that brings its jungle world to life and puts the actual players in jeopardy of being maimed, or perhaps worse yet, […]

Save The Drama For Your Momma: Change, part 1

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Save The Drama For Your Momma: Managing Expectations

You can bet that if you do not set and manage expectations, drama will invite itself in for an extended visit. When people do not know what is expected, they will create their own expectations – and they most likely will not align across the organization. Disagreements and controversy ensue, causing chaos and distraction from […]

Save The Drama For Your Momma: Gossip

Gossip is as old as mankind, and if you have drama in the workplace – you more than likely have gossip. They can be found in nearly every workplace, these conspiratorial conversations that are more often than not unverified, unsubstantiated, and occasionally unseemly. It can be the type of chatter that can appear, at face […]

Save The Drama For Your Momma: Personal Accountability

We have all experienced workplace drama in one form or another. It can be unpleasant, irritating, and disruptive  – often preventing organizations from effectively meeting their goals.  As a leader, you are responsible for maintaining a productive, drama-free workplace. You rely on people to do their jobs in such a way that results are successfully […]