Details for getting the most out of a speech featuring

Sheri Mackey

Over the past fifteen years, Sheri has given many presentations to groups as small as six and as large as 5,000. During that time, she’s figured out what works and what doesn’t. She has also discovered that most of the time, the technical team on site had little idea as to what was needed. Hence this handy note…

To get the most out of your event and to keep Sheri from living on the seventh level of Dante’s Inferno as she experiences the same pitfalls over and over, we have put together this list of requirements. We ask that you actively confirm that your team will make these things happen. Here are the requirements for your team:

If you’d like to interact with Sheri before the event, email is actually quicker and more effective than a conference call. Sheri can be reached at

TIP: Whenever possible, make the room at the event too small, not too big. This is often overlooked and it makes a huge difference. It’s also a good idea to dispense with round tables and pack people in together—at least for the speech itself.

TIP: In groups of more than fifty, Q&A is tempting but not usually an effective way to end the presentation. Instead, Sheri recommends asking selected audience members to submit questions to a moderator in advance. Then, when the talk is over, you can have one person firing questions—ending the meeting on an up, not with, “okay, so there’s no more questions, time to go.” The other alternative is a great deal of Q&A, at least fifteen minutes.

TIP: Groups that schedule a break right after Sheri’s presentation are usually glad they did. You get that high-energy scrum at the front of the room for people who want to say “hi” and you get conversation time as people consider what they just learned.

Suggested intro:

Few people have influenced global leadership more than Sheri L. Mackey, The Global Coach. Sheri is a highly sought- after author, speaker, and executive coach with a unique perspective on global leadership, intercultural communications and organizational change in the international marketplace. Sheri is also the President and CEO of Luminosity Global Consulting Group – a strategic leadership coaching and consulting firm providing a full range of services focused on developing exceptional executives across boundaries and borders.

For over 20 years, Ms. Mackey’s partnerships with Fortune 500 companies have resulted in organization-wide initiatives that facilitate exceptional business results on a worldwide basis. Sheri’s global enterprise expertise makes her uniquely qualified to inspire, as well as enable, high potential leaders to drive for extreme organizational results.

Sheri is also the creator of The Global LABB – a single source resource for leaders worldwide. In addition, Sheri’s blog, Leadership Across Boundaries & Borders, is one of the most popular leadership blogs in the world with over 50,000 readers weekly.

Please welcome to our stage, Sheri Mackey, The Global Coach…

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