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Just as companies continue to reinvent themselves, leaders will always continue to face defining moments.  As those moments present themselves, some leaders will prove themselves risk adverse, preferring to observe and play it safe…while still others will accept the challenge and seek to make a significant and lasting difference – for their organizations and the people within. How you handle your defining moments will determine your legacy.


The sad truth is that most leaders do not think about their legacy until it is far too late. Commitment and planning are required – legacies do not happen by themselves. Organizational legacies are built over time and have a “living” quality. In other words, your legacy grows and evolves as you do. Legacy is your contribution, your value-add… Unlike an heirloom, your legacy must be digested and absorbed by others before it can be passed on. If you do not consider and plan for your legacy, you will probably still leave one – but it will most likely not be the legacy you had in mind! Continue Reading…