At The Root Of It All

Here is an under-recognized, under-utilized truth: PEOPLE make the company, the company does not make the people.  Often leaders are preoccupied with who they are going to hire.  Agreed – hiring is a critically important decision.  Who you hire, as a leader, will ultimately determine your level of success… or will it?  It seems logical […]

Mind The Gap: Character Counts

There are two essential keys to success in global business today that will determine if you emerge bloody and battered  or ready for the next epic battle: 1) Cash is king and how you, as Commander, manage that cash will determine your ability to live to fight another day. However, if you do not strategically […]

Extreme Leaders: Mentor Your Mavericks

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi Mentors represent knowledge, reflection, insight, and wisdom. They offer understanding, compassion, strategy, and good advice. They engender trust, issue challenges, provide encouragement, and offer positive reinforcement. It is the Extreme Global Leaders responsibility to mentor those brilliant mavericks that global business attracts […]