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I think, as business leaders, we often have a Superman complex.  We rarely seek advice because we believe we should be able to do everything, know everything, and be everything to everyone at all times.  I, too, suffer from this illusion more often than not.


Despite this, I have found that to truly harness success, we really do have to buckle up, get out there and explore the resources that are available to us. We all need outside perspectives to stay balanced and develop a holistic view of our world, whatever that may encompass. More importantly, we need to ensure we are sharing our knowledge and perspectives with those around us… especially with those who are following us. Continue Reading…

Some confrontation at work is expected (even healthy), however if there are individuals in your organization with Chronic Confrontationitis, it’s up to you, as a leader, to protect your organization. Afflicted individuals have the nasty habit of separating people from information, social situations, peers, tools to do their job, affection and admiration… as well as hard earned acknowledgement and praise.  They actively create a culture where people feel “less than”, causing both emotional and physical stress.

Without the acquisition of effective strategies to combat Chronic Confrontationitis, competent team members may end up with damaged careers or become so uncomfortable with the conflict in the environment that they opt out all together.  If you, or individuals within your organization, are impacted by someone with Chronic Confrontationitis, there are several things you may want to consider:

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An individual with Chronic Confrontationitis is persistent in his attempts to force others to comply with his will. His methods are subtle – disguised with all the right behaviors. People respect and trust him, and he quietly betrays their trust whenever necessary to fuel his addiction. He must always be right, using confrontation to prove his point because, to him, the end always justifies the means.  And if he is particularly good at this, no one except his targets notice the betrayals. In some lethal workplaces, he may survive for years, or even become a high-level executive.


To make matters worse, our chronic confrontationitis victim usually has the dedication, focus and business acumen to create success, or at least the appearance of success. He is held up as an example of a company-centric leader, despite his underhanded tactics and inability to lead. He is rewarded, while the frustration builds among the targets of his bullying, intimidating, backstabbing and manipulating behavior. Continue Reading…

As outlined in  Control Cataracts (Part 1) ,  Control Cataracts is a disorder that occurs in a leader’s vision. It happens when someone becomes desperate to maintain control at the expense of the group or the organization. He or she becomes reluctant to share any measure of authority for fear of losing control. This results in a blindness to the value that could be added by those around them, as well as a short-sightedness as to what success really looks like. Competent employees do not appreciate Control Cataracts; this leadership style erodes confidence and motivation, and will eventually drive them away.

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We often do not think about it, however behavior is important:


Behavior often determines how people act and react to you.

Behavior is the outward manifestation of your courage and attitude.

Behavior determines perceptions (Don’t be fooled, perception IS 90% of reality).

Behavior determines how you are judged – by your boss, your colleagues, your customers and the world.

Behavior will determine if you succeed…or if you fail.

Could anything be more important to you as a leader? Apparently so, because many “leaders” simply do not think before they act – or worse, know they are behaving badly and do so anyway. Before you act without thinking, consider the following… Continue Reading…

A positive attitude is a frame of mind – our perspective, as leaders, has much to do with how we engage and deal with challenges.

Like it or not, you are in the superhero business.  As a leader, whatever industry you are in, you need to always remember that the energy you bring to everything you do will be noticed and amplified. Your personal attitude is a huge part of what you project to your team and organization. If you aren’t demonstrating a positive, supportive and encouraging attitude, how can you expect others to?


If you want to have a positive, lasting impact on others, realize that as you evolve your attitude it will be reflected in your actions – positively influencing your work, your team… and your world. In order to be seen as a superhero by your superiors, colleagues, employees and customers, focus on becoming: Continue Reading…