Leadership Behavior: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

July 26, 2013 — 8 Comments

We often do not think about it, however behavior is important:


Behavior often determines how people act and react to you.

Behavior is the outward manifestation of your courage and attitude.

Behavior determines perceptions (Don’t be fooled, perception IS 90% of reality).

Behavior determines how you are judged – by your boss, your colleagues, your customers and the world.

Behavior will determine if you succeed…or if you fail.

Could anything be more important to you as a leader? Apparently so, because many “leaders” simply do not think before they act – or worse, know they are behaving badly and do so anyway. Before you act without thinking, consider the following…

People Follow Their Leaders

This is a Natural (inevitable, inescapable) Law. As a leader, know you are always being watched and emulated. As you demonstrate admirable behavior, so will others. However, the opposite is true as well…

People Treat Others As They Are Treated

Every person wants to be heard and respected. Everyone has something to contribute. Recognizing this, while listening and responding respectfully, makes it worthwhile for employees to give you 100% – unleashing their full potential. Always remember that great respect from a leader multiplies creativity, innovation and productivity many-fold. Be THAT leader!

People Respond To Action-Based Leadership

Demonstrate your ability to incite action through your vision and your active pursuit of personal and organizational goals. Take a proactive approach to your business and be clear that your expectation is for others to do the same. People look to you as their leader because they believe that you have the ability to set a course and put the roadmap in place to help guide them to where they need to be. Don’t let them down…

People Are Inspired By Leaders Who “Walk The Talk”

Demonstrate with your actions what is valued by the organization and selectively model behaviors that need to be emphasized in the organization. Adopt a “do as I do” approach. Just as all great leaders do, act with integrity, engagement, commitment and responsibility – every day.

People Admire Leaders Who Delegate With The Development Of Others In Mind.

Delegation is an important behavioral motivator. When done with a clear intention to serve and develop others, it actively demonstrates your desire to empower others for organizational growth and development. Delegation inspires dedication that generates positive results… As a focused leader, understand the strengths of your people and delegate tasks and authority in an appropriate way.

People Respect Open, Honest Communication

Maintain open, honest communication with those around you and make sure everyone has the information they need to do their job well and feel confident in their place within the organization. As a good leader, make sure that all communication you deliver is honest and can be verified as fact.

As leaders, we should never forget how important our behavior is. Always remember ~ With great privilege comes great responsibility.

Do YOU always demonstrate behavior worthy of your leadership position?

Please engage the discussion and let us know how you demonstrate behavior worthy of your position as a leader. Feel free to contact me at Sheri.Mackey@LuminosityGlobal.com or by visiting our website at www.LuminosityGlobal.com. Check back next week for the next installment of Leadership Across Boundaries and Borders.



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Sheri is The Global Coach, founder of Luminosity Global Consulting Group, Global Executive Coach, Speaker, Writer and Global Business and Cultural Expert.

8 responses to Leadership Behavior: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

  1. I am eager to know about leadership behavior.I tried myself to be honest leader with every section I really got some of my queries solution .i hope this knowledge will be fruitful for me .

  2. Excellent definitions…

  3. I truly enjoyed reading this article and couldn’t agree more with everything written. I certainly try to hold myself accountable each and every day but it is challenging when the leadership in my workplace holds you at a higher standard than themselves. Any input in that??? Thank you.

  4. you are great, keep providing us with great information

  5. thanks for your sharing !!!

  6. Organizational climate is directly related to the leadership and management style of the leader, based on the values, attributes, skills, and actions, as well as the priorities of the leader. Compare this to “ethical climate” — the feel of the organization about the activities that have ethical content or those aspects of the work environment that constitute ethical behavior. The ethical climate is the feel about whether we do things right; or the feel of whether we behave the way we ought to behave. The behavior (character) of the leader is the most important factor that influences the climate.

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