Being a great leader is more than just a title – it is hard work.  It requires unprecedented levels of innovation and a commitment to the organization and its constituents, as well as the ability to continually inspire and motivate others to succeed. One key way to achieve ongoing innovation and sustainable results is through the creation of an execution culture.

You, as a leader, have an opportunity to accelerate progress in your organization through the deployment of Rapid Result Initiatives (RRI’s), which can be used to:

RRI’s are small, high-leverage, short-term projects that generate immediate impact and measurable results, while tapping into hidden capacity and building momentum to drive large-scale change – usually in 100 days or less.

Exceptional leaders understand they must calculate their steps and fully understand what they have and how to use it most effectively to continually move forward. One very beneficial way to do this is to structure your organization as a portfolio of RRI’s leading to the achievement of ultimate vision. This approach creates the opportunity to pursue strategically critical goals that deliver real impact, while  linking directly to the long term plans and objectives of the organization. Each RRI becomes a vehicle for achievement, learning, and the advancement of long term goals.

The core of Rapid Results Initiatives involves working with your teams to set and achieve small (but aggressive) goals in one or more key areas of performance. From this perspective, teams are compelled to tap into hidden reserves of capacity and energy to get the job done, taking action and testing assumptions to determine how to best achieve the desired objective on a compressed timeline. Through a succession of fast-paced, results focused initiatives, you can make remarkable gains toward major goals and objectives.

Because Rapid Results Initiatives maximize existing knowledge and resources, they are not only fast, but cost-effective. Internal teams execute projects within the context of structured coaching from their leaders along the way, allowing teams to build new capabilities through the achievement of measurable outcomes. Ultimately, Rapid Result Initiatives generate both the momentum and the expertise to accelerate and sustain growth in any organization.

Sun Tzu, a great Chinese military general, was very insightful when he once said, “Opportunities multiply as they are seized.” – Genius!

It is your role as a leader to provide a framework that enables the multiplication of opportunities, creating a culture of execution that drives unity of purpose, alignment of commitments, coordinated action and the ability for the team to lead creatively in their problem-solving capability. Having a clear methodology for breakthrough performance enables the team to produce results that not only represent substantial wins, but that are critical to seizing the opportunities that lead toward both collective and independent triumph.

As a leader, leverage opportunities to create Rapid Result Initiatives in which functionally or culturally disparate team members can successfully step outside their familiar work structures to create a culture of execution. In doing so, team members gain the freedom to think in new ways and forge a new culture based on common goals and values. As they begin to understand success as a consolidated unit, they begin to believe and see an amazing future that is entirely possible.  They are suddenly vested in winning… with you!

How game-changing futures come to be, and the challenges the leaders of these innovations face, create valuable lessons for the leader willing to listen and learn. If astute, you will continually re-think what is possible in your ever-changing, evolving environment. In so doing, the capability to deliver powerful, execution-driven teams will emerge. People aligned around the accomplishment of unified futures, as well as achieving specific breakthrough business results through RRI’s, are teams destined for unimaginable success. After all, exceptional leaders develop in the process of creating exceptional results!

Are you creating an environment that facilitates Rapid Results?

Please engage the discussion and let us know how you link and leverage your workforce across boundaries.

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