Pardon Our Dust

A quick note to all of our readers – I am in the process of changing the format of the blog and it may look a bit in disarray for the next week or so. In the meantime, I will continue to publish, however it may look a little disheveled. Once finished, Leadership Across Boundaries […]

Global Resources: Hidden Treasure

Globalization and rapidly changing technology continue to sweep the world. Organizations working across international and cultural boundaries face significant challenges as they seek to reach and maintain market leadership – however, inherent in those challenges are often unrealized opportunities. One such hidden treasure, Multicultural teams, offers a wealth of advantage to the discerning global leader. […]

Global Resources: Human Capital

Capital is a valuable asset. However, for the next several weeks I will be discussing a specific kind of capital that may be of even greater value – Human Capital. We will take a look at how you can leverage your diverse resources across the organization and across the globe for personal, team and organizational […]

Mind The Gap: Corporate Culture

Just as it is important for passengers to “Mind The Gap” to prevent injury, it is equally important for organizations to “Mind The Gap” so they do not fall into the traps that will keep them from moving forward – corporate culture in a global organization is extremely complex and fraught with many potential chasms. […]

Mind The Gap: Excellent Execution

This week, I am going back a bit to dive deeper into strategy – actually, the execution of strategy – because I was reminded, yet again, of how much time and effort companies spend in developing and refining corporate strategies. Most often, only to find themselves overwhelmed while struggling to translate strategy into an effective […]

Mind The Gap: Successful Strategy

I was in a meeting with a senior executive recently, when he shared his concern that the processes and approaches the company is using to develop the corporate strategy may not take the business forward as planned, but backward. As we discussed his challenges, there were some key gaps that the organization was likely to […]