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Welcome To My Author’s Page…

With over twenty years in global business, I know how hard it can be to find relevant content and information that is actually helpful to you in your career. There is a sea of information out there and my goal through my books and my blog, is to provide you with practical, relevant information that you can use every day to make you not only a good leader – but a great one!

My sincere hope is that you will find the leadership information contained here to be useful in moving your career forward in a very significant way. Please take a few moments to read the summary for each book and consider how they may impact your career… and your life.

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Overview of this Page

This page provides an overview of my books, along with information that I hope will be of value to you. Click on the links below to take you directly to the relevant sections.

52 Tips is all about taking a second look at conventional wisdom and thinking about how you can use it to become a better leader. It is about using the knowledge hidden in well-known sayings to dig deep to become the very best leader you can be. It is as much about adding value to others, as it is about adding value to yourself… it is about discovering your most powerful you – a leader who creates transformation by leading with intention.

Within the pages of this book are some time-honored pieces of advice that can change the way you lead. By exploring each of the 52 tips you will have the capacity to acquire something you deeply desire… if you want to become the very best leader you can be. These 52 tips will change how you communicate, do business and interact with the world around you. These 52 tips were developed to help you:

  • Excel in your role as a leader
  • Provide a structure in which to expand your leadership potential
  • Explore new ways of thinking about your leadership style and work environment
  • Transform those around you with new approaches and thought processes
  • Invoke a thoughtful process when considering how you lead people

By taking action on the prescribed tip each week and journaling through the changes you see in yourself and others, you will find yourself transformed at the end of 52 weeks. Enjoy your intentional journey toward becoming a transformational leader!

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Destinations is a must-read for every person, worldwide, who has the desire to not only reach their potential – but to exceed it!

Sheri Mackey, The Global Coach™, takes the reader through a step by step roadmap as to how to achieve meaningful goals– at work and in life. Based on over 25-years in global leadership, coaching hundreds of clients through sustainable methods for goal achievement, and considered a thought leader in global leadership, Sheri brings together a real world, workable approach to achieving everything you ever desired and more!

Destinations offers a clear, step by step process to get on the road to setting your goals, tracking meaningful milestones…and realizing your most coveted dreams. This book is perfect for anyone who is interested in learning a straightforward way to set and pursue goals in such a way that they lead to a desired destination – whether that destination is personal or professional. Are you ready to start the journey toward your most desired destinations?

What Other Readers Have Said:

“Destinations provides a very clear roadmap not only on how to set your goals, but also how to stay the course and achieve them. An excellent guide, as well as An ongoing reference as I continue to set and achieve goals for myself and my organization.”

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Save The Drama is a must-read for every professional, across every industry, worldwide.

Sheri Mackey, The Global Coach™, reveals little known essentials for developing sustainable organizational accountability across the corporate spectrum. Based on over 25-years in global leadership, coaching hundreds of clients through difficult changes, and considered a thought leader in global and cultural integration within the context of the corporate DNA, Sheri brings together real world, workable solutions to the challenge of workplace drama and organizational change.

Gather successful leaders from organizations worldwide and what will they tell you? They’ll all say virtually the same thing. Drama at work and managing organizational change are ongoing, pervasive challenges in the workplace today – problems that go unresolved because people do not know how to address them or implement the change that will stop the drama.

Sheri Mackey, The Global Coach™, spells out a clear pathway to developing accountability and change management into your organization, ensuring the focus is always on the right thing – getting exceptional business results. A highly revered global leadership expert, Sheri will teach you how to ensure accountability, without drama, is alive and well within your organization.

Save The Drama For Your Mama is the perfect compact, easy to read book for today’s fast-paced work environment. In this information packed book, you’ll learn how to instill accountability, control gossip, and manage expectations to successfully facilitate change. Armed with these core fundamental tools, you will find yourself well on your way toward both personal and professional success.

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Virtual Success is a critical read for every leader who is involved with virtual or remote teams.

Sheri Mackey, The Global Coach™, covers must-know information for developing sustainable, high performing virtual teams, while providing essential insights that will boost the performance of every team worldwide. Based on over 25-years in global leadership, coaching hundreds of clients through virtual engagement, and considered a thought leader in global and cultural integration within the context of the corporate DNA, Sheri brings together real world, workable solutions to the challenge of developing virtual teams as a corporate asset.

When all is said and done, the benefits of virtual teams far outweigh the costs in terms of maximizing resources and ensuring the long-term viability of the global organization. There is a real and present need for virtual teams to think insightfully, and creatively, about complex issues.

Organizations have changed in the past 20 years. One key component to that change is the advent of virtual teams and how complex success in global organizations has become. Virtual teams must learn how to tap the potential of many minds so that the sum of the whole is more than the individual mind. The collective intelligence of the team must be considered, above all else, “greater than” the intelligence of the individual. Virtual Success will provide you a proven methodology to develop your virtual teams into a competitive advantage.

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Leadership Across Boundaries & Borders Blog

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About Me:

Few people have influenced global leadership more than Sheri L. Mackey. Known as “The Global Coach”, Sheri is a highly sought- after author, speaker, and executive coach with a unique perspective on global leadership, intercultural communications and organizational change in the international marketplace.

Sheri is also the President and CEO of Luminosity Global Consulting Group – a strategic leadership coaching and consulting firm providing a full range of services focused on developing exceptional executives across boundaries and borders.

For over 20 years, Ms. Mackey’s partnerships with Fortune 500 companies have resulted in organization-wide initiatives that facilitate exceptional business results on a worldwide basis. Sheri’s global enterprise expertise makes her uniquely qualified to inspire, as well as enable, high potential leaders to drive for extreme organizational results.

Ms. Mackey is universally characterized by both colleagues and clients as one of the most insightful, powerful, and compassionate individuals in global business today. Living and working in diverse countries throughout most of her life, Sheri is one of the most knowledgeable and influential global leadership experts in the world and is respected for her exceptional work in international leadership and management.

Sheri received her MBA in International Management from the University of Cambridge, as well as her B.Sc. in Psychology from the University of Maryland. Having a strong belief in social responsibility, Sheri serves on several Not-For-Profit Board of Directors, leads both foreign and local Mission trips to help the less fortunate and mentors at-risk teenage girls.

For more detailed information on Sheri or Luminosity Global Consulting Group, please contact