Imagine This… Misappropriation?

Imagine this… You are a senior level Finance executive in a large, very prominent nonprofit organization in South Florida.  You are responsible for managing the funds provided by the federal government designed to help put Americans back to work – the so-called Stimulus. Many meetings are held to ensure that everyone understands what the money […]

Imagine This…When Trust Is Misplaced

Imagine this… You are interviewing for a high level position with a major company. Everything is going well, and the person you would be working for requests to meet with you to discuss “details”. When the meeting begins, your potential boss, John, verbally offers you the position and the title you were hoping for. He […]

Into The Deep: Lighten The Load

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Into The Deep: Turbulent Times

. . As a business leader today, you have the unprecedented challenge not only of surviving, but accelerating through, the worldwide economic downturn. Credit is scarce, sales forecasts are depressing, unemployment is rampant, and the morale of remaining employees is sinking fast. To make matters worse, we are adrift at sea in a squall of […]