Virtual Success: Presentation Outline

Using examples from her own experience, as well as relevant examples from sports, history and the business world, Sheri explains that leading exceptional virtual teams involves four critical steps:

Leveraged Leadership. Not everyone can successfully lead virtual teams. There are very specific skills and competencies that are vital to engaging this level of complexity. Although there are many important components that impact the abilities of successful virtual team leaders, there are three qualities that are essential to virtual team leadership…


Virtual Vision. The power of virtual teams to respond quickly to corporate challenges, pooling both broad and deep expertise, has become an important key to corporate success. However, to get the most from the vast experience, knowledge and perspective of dispersed team members, your leaders will need to use the strength of a vision to bring the team together…


The Collaboration Coalition. Virtual teams have the capacity to become an unimaginable asset in every organization. The coexistence of differences and meaningful participation is a critical component to success in virtual environments. The idea that differences can coexist productively, facilitating meaningful contributions, is a concept that will create a coalition of collaboration in your organization…


Team Trust. On a traditional team, trust evolves as a function of demonstrated action over time. However when working virtually, members typically do not have the opportunity to develop trust in the traditional, gradual, cumulative way. The challenge for your leaders becomes how to build trust rapidly across boundaries and borders…


I conclude with this inspirational challenge:

Exceptional team development across boundaries and borders is the process of aligning and developing the capacity of the team to create winning results. How will you deliver virtual success?

Possible Formats

This presentation can be delivered as a:

  • Keynote
  • Workshop
  • Half-day seminar
  • Whole day seminar

Note: Keynotes can range from 30–70 minutes, depending on your needs. The ideal keynote length is forty-five minutes.

Intended Outcomes

  • Audience members will be challenged to deploy new skills to become exceptional global leaders of virtual teams. They will realize that not only are virtual teams necessary in today’s globalized world, but that they are a rare source of true and sustainable competitive advantage but they can leverage for organizational success!
  • Audience members will have a framework that will enable them to think strategically about how they engage their organization and their clients for optimal business results.
  • Audience members will leave with practical, actionable steps they can implement immediately.

Topic Authority

Sheri has studied, lived, worked and traveled throughout the world for the past 28 years. For twenty of those years she has led  global operations in Fortune 100 companies, leading tribes across the spectrum to generate exceptional results across boundaries & borders on a consistent basis. She now assists extraordinary leaders in becoming more than they ever thought possible.

Sheri writes a weekly leadership blog that is followed by leaders from around the world. Her unique readers per week averages 50,000, with an additional 30,000 readers that come to her blog through Twitter each week.

Sheri is the CEO of Luminosity Global Consulting Group, a highly successful private company helping leaders worldwide to generate exceptional business results across boundaries and borders. LGCG leverages proprietary  methodologies that assist leaders in growing past their current potential, developing exceptional leadership skills that propel them toward achieving results they would have never thought possible.

Sheri is also the creator of the GlobaLABB, a single source information resource for leaders worldwide – She knows global business and what leaders need to be successful each and every day! Email me at  for more information.

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