You Can’t Do It Alone

In today’s demanding business environment (cost pressures, flatter organizations, more direct reports, “speed to market” as a competitive advantage, etc.) you have limited opportunity to devote time and energy to your own development. Most leaders struggle to meet all of the responsibilities of their positions and are too busy and too stressed to step back […]

A Gift For The New Year

Hi – I hope you are all enjoying the holidays… and looking forward to the new year! Yes, it is that time of year again… we all need to start looking ahead and thinking about what we would like to accomplish next year.  Have you started thinking about next year and what you will accomplish? […]

What Are You Resolved To Accomplish This Year?

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Intentionality: Strategic Communications, Part One

We all want to communicate well.  But realistically, how often do we communicate with intention? Sometimes, even beyond communicating with intention, we need to stop and consider how to communicate strategically in order to achieve what is important to us. This week, I am going to step back to a very simplistic communications tool that […]


Before we can act with intentionality, we have to think with intentionality.  The reality is, most of us do not. More often than not, we catch what we pursue – not what we envision.   Contrary to some popular views, we aren’t successful by just visualizing what we want.  While we need to look ahead and […]

Commit To An Intentional New Year

As the New Year approaches, I find myself reflecting on both the challenges and the incredible opportunities that have presented themselves over this past year.  As I look back, there have been both good and not so good, but for the most part… not a bad year. I find myself to be both humbled and […]