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Capital is a valuable asset. However, for the next several weeks I will be discussing a specific kind of capital that may be of even greater value – Human Capital. We will take a look at how you can leverage your diverse resources across the organization and across the globe for personal, team and organizational success.

Many of us like to believe that, with a good plan, we can direct an action, change a process, standardize the business, etc., but if that is all we are focused on our percentage of success will most likely be very low.  The reality of any business situation is that you need people to DO something in order to achieve success.  How, in a globally diverse environment, you inspire employees to bring their talents, initiative, imagination, and passion to work every day is the very delineation between success and failure.  It may seem like a lofty concept, but it is absolutely essential to your long-term success. First and foremost, understand and leverage the fact that PEOPLE are absolutely critical to achieving strong personal, team and organizational outcomes.

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